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New Build Homes

We're dedicated to ensuring that your dream home is not only modern and beautiful but also eco-friendly and energy-efficient at its core.

Compact House

A challenging brief to design a generous sized two bedroom home on a small site surrounded by existing properties. The design is driven by constraints. Windows are positioned to avoid directly overlooking neighbours and minimise overheating risk. Rooflines are cut back to ensure neighbours retain light and generous feeling gardens. The house will be factory made and erected very quickly to minimise disturbance. A mix of red brick and hung tile is proposed to match the existing properties that surround the site.  Environmental features include a generous solar array, sedum roof, permeable paving, new trees and cycle storage.


Self Sufficient Passivhaus

This new build house aims to integrate eco-friendly materials and achieve low-energy consumption, crafting a home with 4-5 ample bedrooms and an outdoor yoga studio. The design will deeply resonate with nature's rhythms, local history, and the client's ancestry, offering a harmonious blend of interior and exterior spaces. Complementing this vision, we're targeting maximal self-sufficiency including a well sized solar PV array, battery storage, on-site water supply and a large area for food production.

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