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Commercial and Development

We specialise in sustainable commercial designs spanning retail, offices, residential, industrial, and pharmaceutical sectors. Leveraging modern construction methods and as a Certified Passivhaus designer, we prioritise energy efficiency and offer tailored solutions, ensuring cost-effective, high-quality results.

Bridgwater Gateway

Plot 1400 at Bridgwater Gateway features 10 sustainable workshop units spread across two blocks, covering a total area of 1,477m². These EPC A+ rated, net-zero carbon units serve as a benchmark for sustainable industrial developments. They are south-orientated with roofs pitched at 30°, optimal for PV generation. Each unit can operate 'off-grid' using solar PV and battery storage, is fully electric, naturally lit, and ventilated. The design emphasises low-carbon, recyclable materials, local sourcing, and a 'build less' principle. Units also support sustainable transport and have eco-friendly landscaping. It's a model for future UK industrial units.

Artists Impression

West Avenue

A development study assessing a site in Oldfield Park, Bath. The site includes a garage, is near a railway causing noise and construction constraints, and has limited contractor space. Two development options are presented: Option 1 proposes a two-storey apartment block with two 47m² flats, while Option 2 suggests a three-storey block with three 57m² flats. Both options consider parking, bike storage, green spaces, and PV generation to meet sustainable energy policies. 

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Screenshot 2023-10-18 160201.png

Miles House

A commission to revise and renew a planning application for a substantial apartment building in the centre of Bath. Our role included energy consultancy, solar PV yield calculations and PHPP modelling to comply with local planning policy requirements. Collaborating with John Blake Architects, we assisted with design adjustments to update the design for the modern standards and regulations.

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