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After creating award-winning buildings throughout the UK for over a decade, I launched my studio in 2022. As a Certified Passivhaus Designer, I'm dedicated to creating eco-friendly and energy-efficient spaces. I champion modern construction techniques for optimal quality and efficiency, provide unbiased advice on technology choices, and prioritise designs that are accessible, adaptable, and affordable.


Passionate about my profession, I'm your dedicated consultant for sustainable building projects.

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Specialist in Low Energy Construction

We aim to design buildings that use as little energy as possible to heat and cool. Our approach is to look at the form, shape and orientation of your home and design something that will maximise the natural benefits of the site to create a warm space in winter and cool space in summer. We can also look at passive technologies (eg: insulation) and active technologies (eg: solar panels, heat pumps and the like) to suit your budget.

Certified Passivhaus Designer

Passivhaus is the absolute best in environmentally performing buildings and we would be happy to talk about this with you if you are interested. Passivhaus can be applied to existing homes (through something called 'Enerphit') as well as new builds.

Project Management and Design Service

We can assemble and manage the team of consultants you need to deliver the project from inception to completion. Along with structural and mechanical engineers, landscape architects, and ecologists, we can source specialist design expertise including interior designers, lighting designers, and joiners. We can also tender contractors, manage building contracts and undertake site inspections where required. We manage your project throughout, ensuring efficient compliance with all statutory processes.

A Neutral Advisor

We can offer you options (say, for heating or rooflights) and we can talk through the pros and cons of the different systems available. However, we won't 'push' a technology (such as heat pumps) unless we agree, having balanced the pros and cons, that it's the right solution for you. 

Commercially Minded

We believe that fantastic design should be affordable and built by quality people for the right price.

Experts in Modern Methods of Construction

Generally speaking, this means designing as much of the building/extension as possible to be factory made. This means less time on site, less disruption and higher quality.

Accessible and Adaptable Design

Accessibility and adaptability are core principles of this practice. We have previously designed fully accessible homes for wheelchair users. We also like to consider future proofing; how could this home be adapted so the owner can stay there their whole lives?


We will very happily talk about design, architecture, low energy construction and Passivhaus all day!

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